Surface Sounding and Recovering Munitions


Area clearances are carried out in order to clear sections of land of munitions, munitions scrap, other weapons and anomalies.

To do so, active or passive sounding systems are used, depending upon the task in hand.
Active sounding systems function on the basis of pulses, which are transmitted into the earth by a probe. Pulses reflected by anomalies are received by a coil.

Active search systems are deployed in areas where mines are suspected and for sounding in areas where large interference factors exist, e.g. houses, fences, cables and other sources of interference.

Large Clearance Area with up to 100 Personnel

Active systems can only detect anomalies which are buried fairly near the surface.
Passive systems utilise the earth's natural magnetic field and make a differential measurement between the two coils in the sounding probe, to measure the deviation of the earths magnetic field when it meets a ferro-magnetic anomaly.

Solid bodies can be detected at depths of up to 4.0 metres, providing the level of interference permits.

Using this method of clearance, sections of land are searched and cleared by teams comprising experienced sounding and clearance personnel, who search the sections land in accordance with a fixed grid pattern.

Clearance is carried out at the required depth using specially equipped vehicles with bullet-proof glass windows, under strict observance of safety regulations.