Utilisation of Computer-Assisted Evaluation Procedures in Surface Sounding

Computer-assisted soundings are carried out, in order to detect anomalies or munitions contamination in the earth or in water.

We differentiate between systems that function magnetically and electro-magnetically. These systems are utilised in the fields of longstanding pollution reconnaissance, munitions clearance and geophysics.

Unlike normal surface sounding, with subsequent excavation of the object, computer assisted sounding uses data logging equipment to store anomalies detected by walking or driving over a site. This data is subsequently evaluated on a PC.

Our company uses Magneto software to evaluate and present the data acquired.

This software makes it possible to create coloured maps in high-quality graphics and so called object lists.

The graphic presentation of these coloured maps allows immediate on-site decisions to be made with regard to the estimated contamination of the site and serve in deciding upon the most suitable clearance technology and provide the customer with a rough estimate of the costs. The object lists compiled contain the detailed coordinates (X and Y), depth and volume of munitions detected.

The data provided makes it possible to run precisely to the locations of the anomalies detected and identify them using GPS or an engineer survey.


Our company possesses:


  • Portable and transportable single-channel and multi-channel systems
  • Portable and transportable single-channel and multi-channel systems with satellite-assisted data logging (DLM-MonMX).
  • Electro-magnetic data logging (EMD1).