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Surface sounding

What is surface sounding?

Site clearances are carried out to remove munitions, munition scrap, other ordnance and anomalies from terrain. Röhll uses active and passive sounding systems according to the task at hand. Active sounding systems are able to detect ferromagnetic anomalies (e.g. explosive ordnance) and other major obstructions in the vicinity of houses, fences and power lines. Active sounding systems radiate impulses into the ground and measure their return flow. Passive sounding systems measure larger areas and can be used to detect foreign objects up to a maximum depth of 3 m, depending on the soil conditions and the size of the object.

After localisation, Röhll recovery teams use special technology to clear the area. Explosive ordnance soundings are carried out on currently and formerly used military sites (e.g. firing ranges and military training sites) and on areas where the presence of explosive ordnance is suspected. Munitions recovery is carried out in both rural and inner-city locations. A main focus of the surface sounding is on suspected explosive ordnance sites which were once the location of active military combat operations.

Key elements of surface sounding

  • Terrain is searched for munition remnants, explosive ordnance and other anomalies
  • Sounding is carried out up to 3 meters deep
  • Inner and outer urban areas are sounded
  • Search with active and passive sounding systems
  • Recovery teams clear the site using special technology