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Geophysical measuring techniques for explosive ordnance detection

About geophysical measurement techniques

Geomagnetic mapping is used to record magnetic anomalies caused by ferromagnetic objects (e.g. bombs and other munitions and munition remnants) using a computer-aided data logger. Colour-coded result maps are created using special software and the object parameters (x and y coordinates, depth, volume, etc.) are determined and calculated. This high-precision measuring technique permits us to make statements on the contamination assessment of the terrain and helps us to determine an adapted clearing technology. We are then able to provide our clients with projected cost estimates prior to commencing with clearing measures.


Key elements of the measuring techniques

  • Geomagnetic sounding/mapping and registration by computer-aided data logger
  • Global Positioning System (GPS), EMD/UPEX, Georadar, Magnetometer
  • Measuring technology such as borehole radar provides fast and detailed information
  • High-precision measuring method is used to determine the contamination assessment and clearing technology
  • Colour-coded results maps are created by special technology to determine object parameters