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Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)

Aboout explosive ordnance disposal

Multiple services that we offer are intertwined for the recovery of explosive ordnance. First, the terrain is sounded and data is collected on the level of explosive ordnance detected. Geophysical measuring techniques are used to collect and interpret information on the detected objects. We then use this information to calculate the costs and determine the optimal clearing technology for the project. Röhll has all the equipment required to sound and recover explosive ordnance at its disposal, enabling us to work independently and assure the best results. Constantly updated machinery and working methods have helped us be accident-free since our foundation in 1946.

Our equipment comprises

  • Aluminium culverts up to 7 m
  • Aluminium box shoring
  • Concrete culverts (different sizes)
  • A range of excavators with extendable arms
  • Bombing equipment
  • Groundwater drawdown for small construction sites

Key elements of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)

  • Identification of anomalies
  • Careful, low-vibration recovery of obstructions
  • Fixing and securing drop munitions to prevent movement
  • Recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous obstructions under the supervision of EOD specialists
  • State explosive ordnance disposal services take care of the disposal of recovered munitions
  • Issuance of a certificate of freedom from explosive ordnance following explosive ordnance clearance