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Deep sounding

What is deep/borehole sounding?

Borehole sounding is used to detect objects embedded very deep in the ground on sites with suspected explosive ordnance, where surface detection is not possible due to building development, contamination, pipelines, rails and other obstructions. Deep sounding is used in particular for anchor drillings, lines of excavation, disturbed subsoil with deep rubble clearance, track areas, bomb craters and suspected bomb sites.

Low-vibration drillings are carried out to the desired final depth. Magnetic techniques are used to obtain measurements. Borehole sounding is predominately used on sites where bombs were once dropped. The drilling of the boreholes is carried out by Röhll specialists using state-of-the-art drilling systems adapted to the conditions on site, in strict compliance with safety standards.


Key elements of deep sounding

  • Detection of deeply-buried objects
  • State-of-the-art low-vibration drilling systems for risk-free drilling to the desired final depth
  • Strict compliance with the applicable safety standards
  • Borehole sounding at sites where bombs were once dropped