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Surface sounding at the Tesla site in Grünheide


Project overview

  • Project: Sounding and explosive ordnance clearance of the Tesla site to ensure the safety of persons and property
  • Site: Grünheide (Mark)
  • Area: approx. 100 ha
  • Task force: 45 employees
  • Machinery: Excavator
  • Finds: approx. 1000


Project background

The American manufacturer of electric vehicles, Tesla Inc,. is planning to construct a new production hall - Gigafactory 4 - in woodland in Grünheide (Mark). The large woodland and impassability have posed a number of issues for the construction site.

The surface sounding and clearing was carried out by 45 employees. Excavators were required to clear munitions remnants due to the size of the site and finds at depths of up to 3 metres.