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Explosive ordnance detection and disposal for dyke construction


Project overview

  • 8000 boring soundings
  • Three drilling teams with two 9-ton drill rigs
  • A 16t excavator with bell motors
  • 58 suspicious objects detected
  • Recovery of 12 bombs with chemical detonators that decompose over a long period of time
  • Client: Brandenburg State Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service


Project background

In 2016, 8000 boring soundings of up to 6 metres in depth were drilled for the reinforcement of the Elbe dykes on the site of a bombed area in Breese. Three drilling teams manned two 9t chain drills and a 16t excavator with a drilling motor. The sounding led to the detection of 58 suspicious objects.

12 bombs with chemical detonators designed to decompose over a long period were subsequently detected during recovery with shoring and drainage and then detonated by the state services.