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Deep sounding in Haldern/Emmerich for Deutsche Bahn


Project overview

  • Project: Explosive ordnance clearance and certificate of freedom from explosive ordnance for the new construction of a railway overpass and a three-track line extension
  • Site: From Oberhausen to the German-Dutch border
  • Data & facts: 6000 drill holes for the replacement of noise barriers and construction of new overhead power masts
  • Project period: 3 years
  • Task force: 20 employees
  • Machinery: 4 rail-rode excavators, chain excavator, 3-axle magnetometer


Project background

Deutsche Bahn is currently extending the track connection near Haldern between Oberhausen and the German-Dutch border. This comprises the construction of a new railway overpass and a three-track line. We have been tasked with ensuring all construction work can be conducted safely through deep sounding along the construction line.

20 Röhll employees will be responsible for drilling 6000 holes over the 3-year project period to prepare for the replacement of the noise barriers and construction of new overhead power masts. 4 rail-road excavators, a chain excavator and magnetometer will be used to search for and recover any remnants of explosive ordnance.