The Early Years

As registration was indispensable at the time, applications were made for a trade certificate and for authorisation to store explosive materials in a disused bunker (Bensch-Bunker).

This was followed by the demolition of many ruins, e.g. bridges and also the former imperial chambers in the Wilhelsmstrasse in Berlin. There was much work to be done but we were proud to be participant in the clearance of war damages.

At the end of 1946 a branch was then opened up in Bremen. The employees were engaged in large hole blastings, chimney stack demolitions and the clearance of submarine bunkers. This was followed by the opening of a branch in Prinz Regentenplatz in Augsburg. In addition to the extensive demolition program, we were also awarded contracts to recover munitions in the Free State of Bavaria.

To this day, all recovery missions have been completed without incident.

The Röhll team is made up of qualified experts, like military munitions specialists, professional divers, electronic engineers, chemists and EDP professionals. Many of our employees come from building or metalworking trades. They have 15 years training behind them as a rule, before they can call themselves pyro-technicians.

Over the course of time, more than 100 of these proven, experienced employees have been awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for their selfless dedication to the job. The men at Röhll are rightfully proud of this fact, as indeed is the board of directors.

The Röhll group of companies is led by a highly motivated team of professional managers. The management continually monitor and optimise all work processes in close cooperation with our customers. The company managers are particularly intent on successfully solving new or complex tasks.

Searching for, recovering and disposing of munitions and warfare agents remain the focal points of the Röhll specialists. Searching for munitions using computer-assisted magnetometer sensors, searching for bombs, using borehole soundings made by Röhll bomb search squads and searching for munitions in waters using professional divers. They draw up remediation concepts for disused plants or factories and carry out transportation of hazardous materials.